How to Store Gel Blaster Balls

As gel blaster enthusiasts, we understand the significance of maintaining a functional arsenal. Gel blaster ball storage (also known as gel balls or simply just “ammo”) requires careful attention to guarantee optimal performance during battles. Here we explore effective methods and tips for storing gel blaster balls while keeping them hydrated, protected, and easily available whenever required.

Choose an Airtight Container

To maintain the freshness and moisture content of your gel blaster balls, it’s essential to store them in an airtight container that seals tightly to block air entry and maintain freshness and moisture content. Doing so prevents drying out, which could negatively impact their performance on the battlefield.

Keep Gel Balls Hydrated

Gel balls rely on moisture for expansion, reaching their full potential upon impact. To preserve gel balls’ optimal size and consistency, store them in water in an airtight container, leaving room for expansion of each gel ball as they soak up hydration levels in their surroundings. Immerse the gel balls for the optimal expansion experience!

Label and Date Containers

Maintaining an organized gel ball storage system is vital, particularly if you store multiple batches or types of them. Use labels to clearly identify their contents – type, date, age – so you can always access the freshest batch available.

Store in a Cool and Dark Space

Maintaining proper environmental conditions is crucial to the preservation of gel blaster balls. Store them in an area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, as any such exposure could cause dehydration of their effectiveness, lengthening their shelf life significantly.

Periodically Inspect and Refresh Gel Balls

Conduct regular inspections and refreshments on your gel blaster balls for any signs of degradation or damage; discard any shriveled ones, and replace them with fresh ones as soon as they appear dry or damaged. Doing this ensures a reliable ammunition supply while eliminating ineffective or malfunctioning balls during battles.

Store Gel Balls Separate from Blasters

While it may be convenient to keep gel balls near their respective blasters, it is usually wiser to store them separately to reduce the risk of moisture exposure, dirt build-up, or accidental damage to either. Store your gel balls in an easily accessible area or container that keeps them out of direct sunlight so as to maintain quality and prolong the longevity of use.


Proper storage of gel blaster balls is vital to their performance and optimizing your gel blaster experience. By following these storage techniques – including airtight containers, keeping gel balls hydrated with liquid, labeling containers appropriately, storing in suitable environmental conditions, regularly inspecting and refreshing, and separating from your blasters – you can ensure that they remain in optimal condition and ready for action whenever it comes time to embark on another exciting gel blaster adventure! Implement these storage practices now so you’ll always have reliable ammunition when taking on thrilling battles in the world of gel blasters!

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