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TANSAR: Launch Fun and Adventure With Gel Ball Blasters

Enter TANSAR’s world of fun and adventure, featuring their Gel Ball Blasters for dynamic entertainment that provides engaging outdoor experiences for both kids and adults.

Introducing the Cool Blaster

Discover the Cool Blaster, an exciting splatter toy that shoots fragile water gel beads at high velocity. Experience the thrill of seeing them explode upon impact, bringing surprise and delight into every battle!

Explore Amazing Outdoor Activities

Encourage children to embrace nature with TANSAR Gel Ball Blasters by having them step away from electronic devices and engage in active play. These blasters offer engaging entertainment that allows children to burn off energy while creating lasting memories outdoors.

With TANSAR Gel Ball Blasters, getting started quickly and effortlessly is effortless. Simply install the battery, load it up with gel balls, and switch it on. Prepare yourself for hours of fun as this splat blaster shoots 3-5 drops of water beads per second at an incredible range of 45-50 feet!

Are You Searching for the Ideal Present for Your Children?

Looking for something fun and exciting for your kids this holiday season? TANSAR Gel Ball Blasters make an outstanding choice as gifts! Suitable for ages 14 years old or above, these blasters provide endless hours of imaginative play fun!

Complete Kits for Epic Battles

Each TANSAR Gel Ball Blaster package provides everything needed for epic battles – from the blaster itself and protective goggles to an ample supply of gel balls. TANSAR guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with their products!

Prioritize Safety and Enjoyment

Put safety first when engaging in gel ball battles. Before using a blaster, read its manual carefully for proper instructions and guidelines. Always wear eye protection as an additional safeguard. The TANSAR brand of gel blasters is dedicated to offering safe yet thrilling gel ball-blasting adventures!